About Fora Olive

About Fora Olive
Fora Olive’s high quality olive products are prepared at the Antgıda Inc. Plant, a state-of-the-art facility in Havran district of Balıkesir in Western Turkey. Antgıda Inc., one of the biggest olive processing plant of the world, was founded in 1994, operated as a subsidiary of İşBank for many years and taken over in 2014 by Mermerler Holding, one of the most reputable and respected industrial groups of Turkey. The capacity is over 60.000 tons. The massive production facilities cover 70.000 m2 in land with and open area of 120.000 m2. 

Fora Olives are selected from the highest quality olives produced in Turkey’s best Olive growing regions. Harvested and transported immediately to Antgıda, where they are processed using the latest equipment, Fora Olives reach your table fresh, hygienic and full ripe, rich flavor. 

Environmental responsibility is a major priority at Antgıda Inc.’s processing plant. Waste and by-products generated during the preparation of olives are processed and treated in a manner that ensures that the environment is protected. Great importance is placed on hygiene and sterility in every step of processing.

Antgıda Inc.’s commitment to quality is apparent at every stage of production, from harvesting and processing to packaging and marketing. Antgıda Inc. has been certified by ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 regulations, Helal Food and Kosher certificates and the BRC application. Processed in accordance with the highest international standards, Fora Olives are distributed all around Turkey and over 40 countries around the world.

Offering wide variety fine olives Fora gives its customers the choice of black and green olives of all kind, stuffed, pitted or sliced olives and olive paste.

The Turkish Style Natural Black and Green Olives, are major products of Fora. Salt Cured Black Olives are ripened and mellowed to full maturity using sea salt and is notable for its rich, robust flavor. Oil Cured Black Olives are left to ripen fully and mature naturally and then cured with oil to ensure that each olive that reaches its consumers’ table is bursting with its own flavor. Natural Green Olives are slowly fermented with lemon and sea salt keeping its fresh taste.

Fora, produces Californian Style Ripe Black Olives – the choice of many olive lovers around the world – using the latest processing technology and high quality sterile packaging. The company has an annual Ripe Olive processing capacity of 18.000 tons. 

Fora Green Olives, like all high quality green olives, are processed using the Spanish method and pasteurized under the most hygienic conditions, thereby preserving their purity and
freshness until each package is opened.

Besides olive products Fora, also offers extra virgin and virgin olive oil for those who look for purity, reliability and great taste.